Do Schizophrenics Remember Their Episodes? Explore Here!

do schizophrenics remember their episodes

Many people with schizophrenia have episodes in which they lose touch with reality. These episodes can be frightening, and some people may not remember what happened during them. It’s important to understand the science behind these episodes and what people can do to manage them. Let us know first, do schizophrenics remember their episodes?

What Happens During an Episode?

  • During an episode, people with schizophrenia may see or hear things that other people don’t. This is called a hallucination. People with schizophrenia may also believe things that aren’t true. This is called a delusion. For example, a person with schizophrenia may believe that someone is trying to hurt them. 
  • An episode can last for days or weeks. During this time, people with schizophrenia may withdraw from friends and family. They may stop taking care of themselves and their appearance. People with schizophrenia may also have trouble sleeping or concentrating. 
  • The symptoms of an episode can be mild, moderate, or severe. Symptoms also vary from person to person. Some people only have one episode in their lifetime, while others have multiple episodes. 

What Causes an Episode?

The exact cause of an episode is unknown. However, it’s thought that episodes are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. For example, stress or drug abuse may trigger an episode in people who are vulnerable to developing schizophrenia. 

Can People Remember What Happened During an Episode?

  • People with schizophrenia may not remember what happened during an episode once it’s over. In some cases, people may only remember bits and pieces of what happened. In other cases, people may remember everything clearly. 
  • It’s important to understand that hallucinations and delusions are very real to the person experiencing them. Just because someone appears to be hallucinating doesn’t mean they’re not in touch with reality—it just means their reality is different from yours. 

People with schizophrenia can have episodes where they lose touch with reality for days or weeks at a time—but what exactly happens during these periods? And do those affected remember them afterward? Let’s explore the science behind these questions and ways to manage schizophrenic episodes effectively as best we can.

Explore the science behind:

  • A mental illness called schizophrenia affects a person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. Schizophrenia patients can appear to have lost all sense of reality. They may see or hear things that others do not see or hear.
  • They may also believe things that are not true. Schizophrenia can make it hard for people to keep a job or take care of themselves. It can also lead to suicide.
  • About 1% of people in the United States have schizophrenia. Most people with the disorder develop it between the ages of 16 and 30.


Men and women are equally likely to develop the disorder. Schizophrenia occurs more often in people who have a family member with the disorder. There is no single cause of schizophrenia. It is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Treatment for schizophrenia generally includes medication and counseling. In some cases, hospitalization may be necessary. With treatment, most people with schizophrenia can manage their symptoms and live relatively normal lives.